The “Dog Days of Summer” are No Bummer

According to, the “Dog Days of Summer” is the following:
American Heritage Dictionary:
-The hot, sultry period of summer between early July and early September.
-A period of stagnation.

[Translation of Late Latin diēs canīculārēs, Dog Star days (so called because the Dog Star (Sirius) rises and sets with the sun during this time) : Latin diēs, pl. of diēs, day + Late Latin canīculārēs, pl. of canīculāris, of the Dog Star.]

Late summer to early fall tends to be the best time to go to the beach here in South Texas. Why? For one, there are less people since they are heading home for back to school. For two, the weather is usually calm (if there is not a big tropical system out in the Gulf). So the pretty, clear blue water comes in and the beach is usually the cleanest. (Way less sargassum!) We actually broke out the snorkeling stuff and were able to see Sergeant Majors and Sea Turtles on the North side of Packery Channel.

On the day I took this picture, there was a tropical wave in the Gulf, so the surf was forming good, rhythmic surf-able waves! It was on a Monday, so while the rest of the world was working, the retired guys and gals on longboards were hanging ten and showing up the young kids on the waves.

Yes, I have to say, the best days of summer are the dog days! ( And yep, the dogs love it too!)


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