Lionfish, Tigersharks, and Beach Bums…Oh My!

Lionfish, Tigersharks, and Beach Bums...Oh My!

The catch of the day could soon be a Lionfish or would a Tigershark be more to your liking? We have been catching both of them here lately on Padre Island.
The lionfish is an invasive species that once was in the waters in the Caribbean. (The pictured one here was from a trip we took to Cozumel a little over a year ago. They were not here yet.) The spines on them are poisonous, so that is why the man was grasping it with sticks and such in the picture.
According to
” The first lionfish caught in Corpus Christi is now at the Texas State Aquarium. The invasive species was caught a few days ago by a fisherman near the Packery Channel.

The local catch will join the existing lionfish exhibit at the Texas State Aquarium.

You can easily identify the fish by reddish-brown and white stripes, fanlike pectoral fins, long and separated dorsal fins and venomous dorsal spines. There are no natural predators in our area for the lionfish, a native of the Indo-Pacific region.”

So, what to do? My husband would say…eat them! So I found a link that features recipes. (Click the photo for recipes) Hey, they may soon appear on a menu near you. As far catching Lion Fish, Tiger Sharks or Beach bums, I would just have to cut the line!


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