Beauty in the ‘Bluff – “Photo-Jogging”

Beauty in the 'Bluff
Dawn breaking beautifully over the Laguna
A deer greets me in the evening twilight.
A fiery butterfly lands on a spike of salvia.
A full moon peeks out between staccato clouds.

Here I am blogging instead of jogging, but while jogging, I captured some images in the ‘Bluff and got a little exercise for both the mind and body. As a woman, I tend to multi-task…

When I jog, I always take my I-Phone. Why? Well, I have my music right there, and I have a decent camera.

In addition to getting some exercise and clearing my mind from the stresses of the day, jogging  and “photog-ing” (Photo-Jogging—my new word) can offer opportunities to “commune with nature” while capturing the essence of being alive and living in our coastal community. It is great to get some fresh air, to get a little cardio, and to capture outdoor scenes in a still frame. What is cool about “photo-jogging” is that while you are training your body, you are training your mind to search for new angles and perspectives. This can be a refreshing way to see your world in a whole new way and help with exercising your creativity muscle.

So, while exercising your body, you can exercise your mind. Beauty can be found anywhere, if you just look…even in the ‘Bluff.

“What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn!” 

~Logan Pearsall Smith


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