Buff in the ‘Bluff


(Updated 9/17/13) A primarily Cross-fit workout center has come to Flour Bluff at South Coast Gymnastics. James of SCElete Training is whipping local “Bluffies” and whoever else dares his rigorous routine into serious shape! If he keeps this up, Bluffies will lose the 12-pack for the six-pack! Maybe even the “Fattest City” can transform into the “Fittest”. (Okay, a bit lofty, perhaps… but we’re working it!) 

Check out his website for workouts even while traveling… so there are no excuses!

  For more info: instagram-scelitetraing or visit his wesite: http://southerncoastelitetraining.com/


2 thoughts on “Buff in the ‘Bluff

    1. Please do! James has just got it started over there at South Coast Gymnastics, but has been at it for awhile out there on the Island. At South Coast Gymnastics, he is at it from 8 until noon and from 4 until 7 — I believe. It is great to support our local “Bluff Rats”. Thanks!!

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