Schlitterbahn is Coming to Town

Schlitterbahn Comes to Town
The big blue sign in front of Padre Isles Country Club
In the distance you can see new ticket booths and little cabanas by the pool.
The entire area in front of the Padre Isles Country Club is dug up and earth moving equipment is everywhere.

Here Comes Schlitterbahn,
Here Comes Schlitterbahn,
Right down South Padre Island Drive…

Well, it looks like progress is here, and as said before, Our Quiet Little Piece of the Planet is Becoming Less Peaceful. I have to admit, I am a little sad because the Coastal Bend has always been off the beaten path, so it has been a quiet place to live. However, we have been discovered and now the sounds of progress are here. They have been digging, dredging, and building up what was once Padre Isles Country Club.

According to, “Schlitterbahn’s Waterpark and Resort in Corpus Christi will launch with Schlitterbahn’s signature attractions including a Torrent Tidal Wave River, a river system that allows guests to float along a wave-filled river; swim-up bars; beaches; and of course, a Boogie Bahn, the world’s best inland surfing ride; as well as on-site lodging.”

For the most part, I am very excited to have something new to do with the kids here in the Coastal Bend. Another fun thing is that locals from Padre Island and Flour Bluff can literally boat over there since they are dredging connecting canals into the park. (How cool is that?) If they don’t have the sea-legs to go by boat, any land-lubber can do the “Island Walk” which will be a separate, but related destination with shops, cafes, and hotels included in the overall project. (Are we channeling River Walk, San Antonio here?)

For many of the locals here– yep– there will be more traffic I’m sure; however, there will at least be more to do here with the kids in the Coastal Bend. (I think I will have to get a season pass!)


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