The Winds of “Fall” Bring Spring-Like Weather

The Winds of Fall Bring Spring-Like Weather
Pink Plumeria

After the blessing of the rain of the basically the entire month, the first “northern” pushed out the clouds and gave us gorgeous weather and even more beautiful blooms. We here in South Texas enjoy two growing seasons: spring and fall.

If you like vegetable gardening, now is the time to have it going. If you are an avid gardener who is new to Texas, you may be very mixed up about the growing season. If you are a green (new) gardener reading up on this topic, you may be quite confused about the second season for Texas. “The Texas Growing Seasons” According to the Dirtiest Kid in the World,

Orange Hibiscus
Orange Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus

“First off, there is not just one long season. There are two shorter seasons. These seasons are broken up by the intense heat of Summer.”Even if you don’t have veggies growing, you can still take a little time to smell the flowers…(But you may have to dodge the mosquitoes!)


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