Cherish These Moments and Don’t Use Your Words

Daddy and me
Cherish these moments

Even though I live in an area where life is much more laid back than in the big city, sometimes the mundane day-to-day activities keeps one zipping through the day like a wind-up toy car. After a full day at work, cleaning the house, running to gymnastics, shopping for dinner, cooking the dinner, on and on, I was tired and grumpy—I became the evil, monster mom. Soon horns appeared on my 4-year old…

In his  grouchiest, whiniest, most annoying voice possible, he was fussing for something (I think milk).  So I said, ” Use your words so I know what you want.” He continued to fuss and to get under my skin, so I insisted for him to “use his words”. He continued to make grumble-y grunting sounds and continued his stubborn act until his eyes were growing heavy. Soon, he extended his arms out a little with his eyes drooping, and he was soon fading westward into the chair.

The next thing I knew, was a moment for me to take note; I went to the chair, he  encircled me in his arms , and I savored a hug that seemed to extend into eternity beyond time  and space.

At that moment, my son taught me something… to cherish this moment, and don’t ” use your words”.


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