Unleash Your Inner Cave Person!

Watch some “caveman TV”.

When the primal scream calls you, answer it! Sometimes getting out to bask under a menagerie of stars punctuated in a black-velvet sky is the best thing along with watching  a little “Caveman TV”. Also, it is just plain fun to dig a hole and burn scrap wood (without nails) at night at the beach. Soon you can roast hotdogs and marshmallows while bonding with the family,  and tell ghost stories without a TV.

You can bathe in the ember-y glow of a bonfire instead of the artificial glow of a screen. Kids and adults learn to interact with other humans  in real time. Studies have shown where too much screen time causes depression, obesity, heart problems, psychological problems, lower concentration ability, and in men, lower sperm count.

So my family, friends, and I  listened to our “inner cave persons” and headed out to the beach. We drove out to just before the entrance the Padre Island National Seashore where the lights of Corpus Christi were just gone from view. We felt like we were a million miles away from civilization, but actually just a few minutes away.

The dark moonless night sky was a sight to behold. I stepped away from the fire for a moment and yelled,”Hey, You gotta see this!” Next thing, others were calling others to see.  We witnessed the entire half dome of the sky had a strip covered in billions of stars, shooting meteors, and planets (the Milky Way) in a brilliant, twinkling display in the heavens above.  Beyond that, in the distance toward King Ranch, the heat lightning was putting on its own show. There is something very real about getting outside  and communing with nature from time to time.

So, get off the computer, head out to a dark place by the beach. There is nothing better than hearing the waves crashing in the background with fire crackling in the foreground under a black blanket of stars with your family and friends.


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