Keepin’ Cool in the Coastal Bend

Strawberry, Mango, and Banana Smoothie.
Strawberry, Mango, and Banana Smoothie.

 Most of the time, it’s hot here. Well, it’s hot all the time—even in October! Healthy fruit smoothies are the perfect way to keep cool during our many warm days in the Coastal Bend. These yummy and cool treats can pack a punch of vitamins, calcium and water. (Who doesn’t need that?) Also, here in our area with our long growing season, we can grow all kinds of fresh fruits to cut up and put into smoothies. So dust off that blender and whip up your favorite flavors. They can be made with any fruits and in any combination you prefer.

 Also, I make smoothies every morning to give to my kids. I dump in some powdered vitamins so that they get their vitas for the day. They are getting a healthy “shake” and not even aware of it!

What goes into Fruit Smoothie? A yummy combination of:






(Taste before adding. You may not need any!)

Use any Fruits such as: Bananas , Peaches, Berries

With Dairy: yogurt or Milk

A little splash of your favorite juice.

Regular or Raw Sugar or Honey


Tropical Fruits such as: mangoes, pineapple

Non Dairy: soy, almond, or rice milk or protein powder. Or just add extra bananas.

You can use either juice or a milk or a combination of both.

Stevia- a natural sweetener.


The basic ingredients are:  fruit, maybe yogurt or milk or juice. You don’t really need much else. You can add more juice or milk to make it thicker to your liking.

 I usually use frozen fruit from the frozen section in the store or fresh, pre-cut and then frozen for smoothies. Why? Convenience! Frozen fruit can be found in the freezer aisle year around and you can also cut and freeze your own when you find yourself with more fresh fruit than you can eat.

 If you just have fresh fruit, add a little ice when you blend it to cool it down. Try using various combinations of fresh and/ or frozen fruit or ice or cold liquids to create your preference of either a frozen or a cold smoothie. You may just want to add a little more liquid if the smoothie is getting too thick for your blender to deal with. Just experiment- –it’s all good!

Well, are you ready to give it a whirl? Currently, I’m loving a strawberry, mango, banana combo. However, try different variations; whatever suits your tastes. So, grab your blender, some fruit, something creamy or juicy, and whip it up. They will keep you healthy and cool in the Coastal Bend!


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