The “Parrothead” Effect

Natural "Parrot Heads"
Natural “Parrotheads”
Courtesy of

My first year of teaching in Port Aransas (many moons ago) was a huge sea change for me. While teaching there my first year, I was informed that Jimmy Buffet’s  Tales from Margaritaville was considered required reading because Jimmy Buffet was said to be a “Local Hero” around these parts. (Boy I had lots to learn!)

Being from Houston and growing up in the ‘80’s, I was barely familiar with this character. I grew up with ‘80’s hair bands, country music, punk, and old school rap.  Back then I asked, what was the big deal with this Parrot guy? (However, now, the closer to retirement age I get, the better he sounds. Who doesn’t like lollygagging at the beach from time to time?)

The funny thing is he seems to be a local hero in the ‘Bluff as well as in Port A. As I was standing in line to check out at Wally-mart in the ‘Bluff one day, I noticed a large display of Jimmy Buffet  accessories such as Margarita glasses, Margarita salt, bottle openers, trays and cups and such. I did not recall seeing that stuff in any other local Wal-Mart.

 Later while on a jogging jaunt, I noticed the following sign:

"Parrothead Crossing"
“Parrothead Crossing”

I thought, “Oh goodness, I better keep  a watch out for some stray Parrotheads  who might knock me off course!”
And then I saw …

"It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere"
“It’s 5 O’ Clock Somewhere”

I was thinking that maybe this is a sign… (literally and figuratively)

Maybe I needed to stop jogging (temporarily, of course!) and go and string my hammock between my Mesquite and  Live Oak trees and take a moment to decompress. Yep, I have been pretty stressed lately.

 And maybe just maybe steal a few moments to  enjoy a little fou-fou drink with a cute umbrella (okay, a fresh fruit smoothie = better choice) and chill with some “Parrothead” tunes.


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