The Best Things In Life Are Free – Day 325 of The Pollyanna Plan

My collection of shells  Image copyright:
My collection of shells
Image copyright:

So true! The best things in life are free! A great reminder during this busy, sometimes materialistic season!

The Pollyanna Plan

As I woke groggily from deep sleep this morning to hear a scratching on the door, I realised two things – 1. that one of the dogs was asking to go out and 2. that it was still very dark, therefore much too early to be awake.

I was not best pleased, but I sleepily threw on my dressing gown and opened the back door to let the dogs out into the garden, when I saw how beautifully clear the night/morning sky was. Through the haze of drowsiness, I rememebered that the Geminid meteor shower was happening overhead and, as I stepped outside into the cool pre-dawn air, I looked up and a shooting star whizzed across the sky. Magic! Well worth being woken up at an ungodly hour for!

And you know what crystal clear skies at night mean? Yep, that’s right – a bright sunshiny day! Hoorah! So, after…

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