Didn’t We Just Ring in 2013?

Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/_arls/10062122724/
Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/_arls/10062122724/

Wow…life is becoming a big fast-forward blur. You know, I thought that time speeding up was just a phenomenon that happened to older people. When I was a kid, an hour was at least two days. Well, Christmas was at least a lifetime away!

Now, at the youthful age of 46, time is speeding up for me. Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas 2012? or was it 2013? Whew!

My theory was the following at one time:

As a kid, you have lived out just a small fraction of your life. For instance, if you are just 5 years old, an hour was a “couple of days” since your existence is merely just a few thousand hours anyway. There are approximately 8765.81 hours in a year. Multiply that by 5 and you get 43,829.1 hours. So at age 5, you have lived out 20% of your existence. As you gain years of experience, you have a bigger measuring stick in which to compare your life experience. Now, at 46, I have lived approximately 403,227.26 hours, or one year is only 2.2% of my entire life. Each year represents a shorter portion of my entire span of  life.

However, even my 9 year old (11% of her existence) daughter recalls, “Wow, this year went by fast!” Why is that?

Is it 1) Is the Earth spinning at a faster rate while orbiting the sun with an increasing speed?

Or 2) Or we just going ’round and ’round just spinning our wheels— faster and faster?

Let me propose another idea; it is closer to 2):

Once upon a time we humans relied on snail mail and things such as reference books in the library.  I remembered when microfiche was the latest in storage of information. I remembered when we used the stove or oven to heat up food.

Now, I just tweet, pin, search or email—not to mention whatever else. Now, sometimes I wonder why the microwave oven takes too long to heat up my old coffee from this morning…

Also, my life is busier. I am a mom, a wife, a teacher, a home economist, an avid exerciser, chief cook and bottle washer, a blogger, and on and on… all at the same time!

Also, now I tend to try to use my corpus callosum to multitask through the day. “In women, the corpus callosum is wider than that of men’s brains, which might enable the two sides to communicate better with each other. This is a theory as to why women might multitask more efficiently” (http://clearinghouse.missouriwestern.edu).   Right now, I am watching a  movie, heating up breakfast, enjoying my coffee and writing this at the same time.  (Not to mention how many tabs are open on my web browser. Good thing my computer can multi-task!)

However, I truly think engaging in this behavior fractures my thinking therefore giving me ADD, so I drink more coffee to focus my mind???

Round and round and round we go. Maybe my life is just spiraling around faster and faster? And am I accomplishing less and less? Who knows.

That is why I seem to have a need to go outside often and enjoy life with my kids and to savor all of life’s gifts even though I might be washing clothes and working out at the same time. Good grief…slow down woman!

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

Okay, time to take a breather, take a beach walk, and lay off the coffee.

Daddy and me


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