It is the SS.M.A.L.L. Things that Count

One of many fishing piers in Fulton.Yucko. I really do not care for New Year’s Resolutions. The gym will be full from now all the way to February with all these new people vowing to lose 20 lbs. in a week. Once mid-February is here, the gym will empty out again, and those poor souls are wondering what happened to their plans.

However, I believe that it is the small things that count. You know, as they say, “how do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time. (Maybe that is not such  a good New Year’s resolution!)

1. Make a few small changes in your exercise routine or eating, or just add in some walking.

Exercise is great for not just the body, but for the soul. You don’t have to be a “gym rat” to reap the benefits of moving the body several times per week.  You don’t have to focus on losing 20 lbs, but just a few changes such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Or maybe just drinking water instead of soda.

2. Spend Smaller: Try to spend less on stupid stuff you don’t remember, and more on time and experiences with those you actually care about  and will remember forever.

Okay, I may love a purse, a dress or a car that I can’t live without. However, I would rather save that extra money now to go on a great vacation with the family a little later. I  may look not so fashionable, but at least our time together will be more memorable to the kids.

3. Listen Smaller: Start listening to your gut.

You know the nagging feeling if you are doing the wrong thing. Listen,  and do what is right. I have ignored it or  second-guessed gut feelings, and they have turned out to be what I should have done. I am old enough now, and I now realize that listening to the little voice is the way to go.

4. Show a Small appreciation to someone, “just because.”

This can be a tough one since  we are “so busy”. I just need to take a minute to remember to say something to someone or give a hug. Maybe, it can be a card or just asking someone about their day.

5 . Start your morning with a Small amount of  “me” time.

Before crazy day begins, try to get up a few minutes early with a little “me time”. Go for a walk or a jog, read something inspirational, but try to avoid answering emails or getting work done ahead of time.  This may be the only time for yourself you have. Maybe this is the time you feed a passion that needs nourishment.

6. Before bed, in addition to prayers, remember a Small amount about what you are grateful for.

Gratitude conditions your mind for better attitude.  To be grateful for what you have gives a total positive outlook for the day that has gone by and a better outlook for the day to come.

So, instead of making grandiose plans for this year. Just think SS.M.A.L.L! Small Smart Moves Are Long Lasting.


2 thoughts on “It is the SS.M.A.L.L. Things that Count

    1. Thanks! We too, experienced the cold “Polar Vortex” this far south, and the weather was dreary for weeks. However, a little sun broke through the gloomy weather, so we got out to the beach for a good walk. It does wonders!

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