Schlitterbahn Update: Corpus Christi – Swim up bar and Chute!

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By Winter Prosapio

Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – Swim up bar and Chute!


In Corpus Christi our crews have had some real fun lately putting the finishing touches on what has to be one of our most gorgeous swim up bars. Not everyone realizes, but the first swim up bars were at Schlitterbahn, where we know mom and dad don’t mind having an adult beverage while keeping an eye on the little ones. And this beauty is going to be the perfect place to order up a cold beer or frozen margarita.


That’s Kate Messer from the Austin Chronicle. She came by to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi.

We all agreed the palapa over the swim up bar is incredibly beautiful. The craftsmanship is due to the amazing work of some of our longstanding crew members.



But most folks on the island are most familiar with a certain structure that is reaching into the sky: The Shoot the Chute.



Is it just me or does it kind of remind you of another iconic Schlitterbahn ride?



Yup. The Master Blaster. Twitter cool guy Jay Saucedo, aka Texas Humor, filmed this POV of that ride. (Thanks @TexasHumor!)

The STC (which is what we insiders call it) is pretty cool. In fact this is becoming one of the most fun things to photograph every chance we get.


The Torrent is another area that’s looking pretty good. Here’s a close up of the tile:



Imagine placing all those teeny, tiny tiles. Now imagine doing it for the most exciting Schlitterbahn park ever.


Then the real backbone of the park is taking shape. The rivers. They are coming along – rivers are being poured all the time :





And cabanas are getting finishing touches.



And if that wasn’t enough, on Monday, we have a big announcement.


But we can’t tell you about that today.

In the meantime, cruise over and get on our mailing list for Corpus Christi. We promise that the moment we have an opening date, we are going to send out a massive email…

Winter Prosapio

Winter Prosapio is the Corporate Director of Communications and Government Relations, an award winning humor and travel writer, and a momma blogger. Her favorite ride is the Falls, and the Gale Force. She’s taken one Boogie Bahn lesson, but refuses to practice in front of all those kids. She writes on here when no one is looking.




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