Schlitterbahn Opening May 31st?

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Well, as a layperson, the opening date of the end of the month looks like quite a miracle to me.

According to the Island Moon Newspaper, “the answer came this week from park developers Paul Schexnailder and Jeff Henry who said the park’s ‘soft opening’ will be Saturday, May 31, with the bottom two floors of the main park building open, the old Padre Island Country Club, which includes two restaurants, and the adjacent swim up bar. It is not known how many, if any, water rides will be open by June 1.” I understand that the construction is behind due to the crazy weather this past winter.

My question is who would want to go if there are not any rides? My understanding is that they are going to “soft open” by the end of the month, but continue work into the summer.

Okay, so that means…what?  I just won’t buy a season pass until this thing is further along. I just won’t be able to explain to the kids, “Well, it’s open, but there aren’t any rides ready yet.”


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