Beyond the Coastal Bend: My Mexico Musings… in Cuernavaca, Mexico City, and Taxco

Last year I had the pleasure of winning a wonderful experience in Mexico. Long story short, As an educator, I entered a contest to study Spanish and Mexican Culture through Crizmac Art and Cultural Education Materials— and I won! After finding out the great news, I asked to see if I could bring my daughter and pay extra so that she could share this exquisite experience with me.

Our trip was to study Spanish and culture at the Cemanahuac Educational Community School for two weeks in Cuernavaca, Mexico. For room and board, we lived with a Mexican Family.

Well, having some Spanish classes in high school as my background, I tried to communicate, but faltered pretty miserably. After nervously navigating through Benito Juarez airport in Mexico city, finding the right bus to Cuernavaca, and hailing a taxi to Clara’s house (our hostess), we were beyond exhausted! As soon as we arrived at Clara’s home, she had an awesome dinner already waiting. My husband is Filipino and makes this dish called chicken adobo. Adobo¬†is my daughter’s favorite food. Clara had something very similar made with chicken and mango. Yummy! We were home—at least for two weeks.

Next, we met our roommates who showed us the ropes and the school. The Cemanahuac School is nestled in a quaint neighborhood in Cuernavaca. The pictures show a brief overview of our sublime trip.


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