A Decent Place to Run on the Beach: North Padre Island

Hard, packed sand at low tide makes for a pleasant run.
Hard, packed sand at low tide makes for a pleasant run.

Running. For me, it is a necessary evil. I am not a natural runner, but I run to try to stay somewhat fit, and to try to keep up with my young children.  So there are times when I rather not do it, but if I don’t I wished I had.

One way to make running a pleasurable experience is to run outdoors. If you are lucky as I am, it is great to go run at the beach. However, some beaches are better for running than others. While I was in the Caribbean, I got the pleasure to run the beach, but I really had to watch out where I was going since there were occasional rocks, anchors for boats,  and uneven spots.  I sprained many an ankle, and trust me, it is not fun.

North Padre Island is a pretty good spot for running. For the most part, the sand is usually well packed which helps for a decent run. I say try to go during low tide, so consult the tidal reports on the news or internet. Also, there is usually not a huge slant near the shore which helps if you tend to get hip or knee problems. Just watch out for the occasional hole dug for the mote of a sandcastle or the sandcastle itself, for that matter.

Running at the beach also gives the body more resistance, so you get a better workout. If you are really wanting a challenge, run in the loose sand or in the shallow part of the water. You will feel the burn in your legs.

Speaking of burn, be sure to slather the sunscreen, wear a hat, and sunglasses so you will want to go for it next time.

What I like about running at the beach is that you can run pretty much any time of day, and not feel too hot. If I run mid-day, I will carry a bit of water just in case.  I wear Fila “toe shoes” that can get wet, so sometimes I run into the very shallow part of the shore. There I make my own “a/c” with the wind and the sea spray I kick up while running.  What is great is that if you dressed in quick dry clothing, you can just jump in to the waves afterward!  A great reward for a good run!

So, to make pleasure from a chore, run by the shore!



Out of the Clear, Blue Yonder

The beaches begin to clear up this time of year from seaweed.
The sediments settle down revealing blue water that approaches the shore this time of year.


Late July until sometime close to Winter is my favorite time on the beaches of North Padre Island. Why? This time of the year is when the clear, blue water finally comes onshore. Early Spring and Summer, you can see the blue water off shore, but the waves churn up the sediments and the water is murky. Also early Spring brings the mats of seaweed or Sargassum onto the shores of Texas beaches. Late summer the Sargassum seaweed begins to abate to reveal clean beaches.

However, this year we had a long invasion of this golden-brown weed all the way into July here in the Coastal Bend. Yes, it can be downright gross on the beaches for tourists and locals, but sea turtles and fish love it. The floating mats of it offshore provide a mobile habitat for marine life as drifts to shore.

So this is the time to enjoy the pretty blue water on the shores of North Padre Island. The winds tend to let up unless there is a hurricane or tropical system and the seaweed gives us a break from fuzzy beaches of Spring. Just last weekend I spotted a few snorkelers checking out the fish by the rocks of the jetties by the north side of Packery Channel.

So take a little time and enjoy the beach this time of year! I know I will!


Color in the Sky and Fire on the Island

The second annual 4th of July Fireworks Show and Boat Parade on North Padre Island got off to a colorful beginning, and concluded with a blazing ending. Quite literally:

The evening began with a little rainbow in the sky.
The evening began with a little rainbow in the sky.
Bedazzled deck parties.
Bedazzled deck parties.
4 Rosette Spoonbills in flight.  (Sorry that the photo is bad.)
4 Rosette Spoonbills in flight. (Sorry that the photo is bad.)
Gorgeous sunset
Gorgeous sunset
Boats were illuminated for the parade.
Boats were illuminated for the parade.
The fireworks show was great and lasted about 30 minutes or so.
The fireworks show was great and lasted about 30 minutes or so.


Whoops! A spoil island caught fire, but the show goes on...
Whoops! A spoil island caught fire, but the show goes on…

Happy 4th! Sea Turtles in the Morning. Fireworks at Night…

Photo courtesy of debordieukazette.blogspot.com
Photo courtesy of debordieukazette.blogspot.com


Happy 4th! North Padre Island National Seashore released more  turtle hatchlings  this morning, and gave a short educational program at the visitors deck.

To see the newly hatched Kemp’s ridley sea turtles: Kemp’s ridley eggs are just starting to hatch, and the hatching process can take several days.  The exact dates of the releases depend on how quickly the eggs hatch, and  how the hatchlings become ready for release. It’s all up to the hatchlings.  The park usually does not  know that they will have a release until the day before.

Public releases are held starting at 6:45 a.m. on the beach in front of the Malaquite Visitor Center at Padre Island National Seashore on North Padre Island. Call the Hatchling Hotline at (361)949-7163 for the latest information on the release oer visit their website at www.nps.gov/pais for the projected release dates.  The nesting season could continue for three more weeks.

If you get up early to enjoy the turtle releases, just don’t come back to the national seashore with your fireworks, firecrackers, or sparklers. The park announced that those items are prohibited on park lands and are subject to seizure. If you want to enjoy fireworks, Padre Island is having their own second annual display on the main canal by Three Fathoms Bank. Last year we could see the display all the way from the ‘Bluff, so enjoy the display tonight!! Happy 4th!

Schlitterbahn is Kinda Open in the Coastal Bend

A view of the swim up bar and pool.
A view of the swim up bar and pool.

Schlitterbahn “Upper Padre Island” which is really North Padre Island within the city limits of Corpus Christi is what you would call, “kinda open”. The park is still obviously under construction, but the kiddie pool, the swim up bar, and concessions are open. (Hey, they have their priorities lined up!!) Currently, the park is open from 10 am until 8 pm for $5.oo per person. Walk ins to check things out were for free— at least for today! Hey, if you don’t feel like beaching it, you can hit the kiddie pool or  swim up bar with a lot less sand in your car!

Schlitterbahn Opening May 31st?

Photo courtesy of schlitterbahnnews.com
Photo courtesy of schlitterbahnnews.com

Well, as a layperson, the opening date of the end of the month looks like quite a miracle to me.

According to the Island Moon Newspaper, “the answer came this week from park developers Paul Schexnailder and Jeff Henry who said the park’s ‘soft opening’ will be Saturday, May 31, with the bottom two floors of the main park building open, the old Padre Island Country Club, which includes two restaurants, and the adjacent swim up bar. It is not known how many, if any, water rides will be open by June 1.” I understand that the construction is behind due to the crazy weather this past winter.

My question is who would want to go if there are not any rides? My understanding is that they are going to “soft open” by the end of the month, but continue work into the summer.

Okay, so that means…what?  I just won’t buy a season pass until this thing is further along. I just won’t be able to explain to the kids, “Well, it’s open, but there aren’t any rides ready yet.”

Schlitterbahn Update: Corpus Christi – Swim up bar and Chute!

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By Winter Prosapio

Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – Swim up bar and Chute!


In Corpus Christi our crews have had some real fun lately putting the finishing touches on what has to be one of our most gorgeous swim up bars. Not everyone realizes, but the first swim up bars were at Schlitterbahn, where we know mom and dad don’t mind having an adult beverage while keeping an eye on the little ones. And this beauty is going to be the perfect place to order up a cold beer or frozen margarita.


That’s Kate Messer from the Austin Chronicle. She came by to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi.

We all agreed the palapa over the swim up bar is incredibly beautiful. The craftsmanship is due to the amazing work of some of our longstanding crew members.



But most folks on the island are most familiar with a certain structure that is reaching into the sky: The Shoot the Chute.



Is it just me or does it kind of remind you of another iconic Schlitterbahn ride?



Yup. The Master Blaster. Twitter cool guy Jay Saucedo, aka Texas Humor, filmed this POV of that ride. (Thanks @TexasHumor!)

The STC (which is what we insiders call it) is pretty cool. In fact this is becoming one of the most fun things to photograph every chance we get.


The Torrent is another area that’s looking pretty good. Here’s a close up of the tile:



Imagine placing all those teeny, tiny tiles. Now imagine doing it for the most exciting Schlitterbahn park ever.


Then the real backbone of the park is taking shape. The rivers. They are coming along – rivers are being poured all the time :





And cabanas are getting finishing touches.



And if that wasn’t enough, on Monday, we have a big announcement.


But we can’t tell you about that today.

In the meantime, cruise over and get on our mailing list for Corpus Christi. We promise that the moment we have an opening date, we are going to send out a massive email…

Winter Prosapio

Winter Prosapio is the Corporate Director of Communications and Government Relations, an award winning humor and travel writer, and a momma blogger. Her favorite ride is the Falls, and the Gale Force. She’s taken one Boogie Bahn lesson, but refuses to practice in front of all those kids. She writes on here when no one is looking.