Foaping Fun

I have to admit I have  a new addiction:Foap. Like most folk, I always have my phone-camera with me, so lately, I have been posting pics on the Foap app on my I-phone. I have been a very busy mom lately, and I have not been blogging as much. Check out my portfolio at under tag: susanb117, if you like to see an example. 😉

  Foap started this Photo app because most of the best pics out there are spontaneous. Most people have a phone cam on them all of the time, so they just snap away without much posing or setting up.

You post your pic, add at title, add some tags, and maybe more information as a caption. You get your pics rated, and hopefully, make some money.  The pics for sale are considered “stock photos” and are for sale for $10 each. Now, I am not the greatest photographer in the world, but it fun to see how others rate your pics. Let's surf

This one got a rating of 3,1. You have to get a minimum rating of at least 2.5 to “qualify” for it to go to market. Since this one has a person, you must verify that you have permission of the person in the picture.



This one got a rating of 3.3.

Bob Hall Pier

Cloud Sculptures

This crooked one got the highest rating for me at 4.6.  The best rating is a 5. I am brand new at this, but it is Foaping Fun!