Why Limit Your Romantic Options to Valentine’s Day?

Photo courtesy of tex.org

Valentine’s Day: This is a day we try to show our loved ones that we care. This is a day we send roses, cards, and candy to the ones we adore. This is a day we seek out romantic places to go to enjoy each other’s company.

But why limit yourself to just one day?

I have to admit we did buy cards and flowers to show love to each other, but we decided that we would barbeque outside and enjoy our time together. We figured that all of the restaurants would be packed with at least an hour long waiting list.

How romantic is that?

We figured we would just go out maybe the next night or just go strolling down at the beach and enjoy each other’s company. We would actually talk and spend time together among the sounds of the roar of the ocean and the laughing of gulls. Heck, there are almost no people there this time of year anyway…

What an idea!

Hey, for what its worth, we probably saved money as well as time. Most of all, we spent quality time together in a romantic place with nice view.